• 1.Simulation Lab

    Students are introduced to the world of simulation of electronic circuits. Tool used is Pspice.

  • 2.Digital circuit Lab

    The basic and universal gates and digital circuits using them like parity checkers/generators, multipliers, decoders etc. are tested practically.

  • 3.Advanced Analog electronics Lab

    Analog circuits are implemented using ICs such as AD 844, IC 3900 etc.

  • 4.Communication Lab

    Modulation schemes like amplitude (FC, SC,SSB) and frequency modulation, FDM, etc. are performed using appropriate kits.

  • 5.Microprocessor Lab

    Various programs are made by the students using 8085 kits.

  • 6.Instrumentation Lab

    Measuring instruments, bridges, sensors etc. are available for experiments.

  • 7.Microwave and antenna lab

    Latest apparatus for microwave and antenna experiments are provided to the students.