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JMI Hindi TopSpecial परीक्षा पे चर्चा - 2023 प्रवेश (2021-22) ऑनलाइन शुल्क भुगतान (दूरस्थ कार्यक्रम)

Scholarship free-ships available in the University

List of Scholarships for Jamia Students

  1. Jamia Merit Scholarships
  2. Merit Scholarship of the Centre for Management Studies for MBA I & II semester (Full time)
  3. Means Scholarship of the Centre for Management Studies for MBA (Full time)
  4. Scholarship for International Exchange Programme, offered by the Centre for Management Studies
  5. Jamia Teachers Scholarship
  6. SC/ST /OBC/Minorities Scholarships from various States
  7. Jamia Central Scholarships
  8. Sponsored Scholarship

List of Sponsored Scholarships

  1. Sponsored Scholarships for students in various Faculties/Centres of Jamia
  2. Islamic Studies Scholarship for the topper student of Department of Islamic Studies
  3. Scholarship for topper student of the Department of Arabic
  4. Barrister and Mrs. Nooruddin Ahmad and Fareed Ahmad Scholarships
  5. Razmi Rizwan Husain Memorial Scholarship
  6. E. J. Kellat Scholarship
  7. Scholarship for the topper Student of each Faculty
  8. Faculty of Education Merit Scholarship (For M. Ed. Students)
  9. Faculty of Education Merit Scholarship (For students from Languages, Social Sciences and Sciences Stream)
  10. Prof. S. C. Shukla Scholarship
  11. Prof. Saeed Ansari Memorial Scholarship
  12. Jawahar Bhavan Trust Scholarship
  13. Qazi Mohd. Ahmad Memorial Scholarship
  14. Mirza Mehmood Beg Scholarship
  15. Ms. Neelofar Scholarship Fund
  16. Dr. A. R. Saiyed Scholarship
  17. Prof Hajira Kumar Memorial Scholarship
  18. Mohammed Ajaz Student Top Excellence Reward (MASTER)
  19. Nasima Begum Educational Award for Topper (NEAT) Scholarship
  20. Tabassum Ajaz Winner Award for First Class Students(TA WAFS)
  21. Lubna Ajaz Initiative for Knowledge and Education (LIKE)
  22. Sophia Ajaz Magnanimous Initiative for Learning & Education (SMILE)
  23. Simmi Ajaz Winner Award for Best Students (SAWABS)
  24. Late Mr. Masood-ul-Haque Scholarship

Sponsored Scholarships for Jamia Schools

  1. Disabled Children Fund for Jamia Nursery School
  2. Mushir Fatima Memorial Scholarship
  3. Scholarship for toppers of Class X and XII of Jamia Senior Secondary School (I" Shift)