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  • Instructions for some of the experiments are given.

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  • The course PHB403 is B.Sc. Physics Honours Semester IV regular course, of 3 credits.

    Teacher : Pankaj Sharan

    Time Table : Wed, Thu, Fri; 3.00 pm - 3.45 pm; NSB - 201

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  • Research Methodology in Physics

    Guest accessSelf enrolment
  • Data Mining

    The course covers basic data mining techniques. The contents shall be useful to students of Computer Science/Engineering who have to study Data Mining techniques as part of their syllabi. The contents shall also be useful for Research students who wish to apply DM techniques to their research problems. The course is being developed by Dr. S. Kazim Naqvi. Guest access to the course is not allowed. All interested studnets may send their request to


  • Jamia Convocations

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  • A Forum for Jamia students to float innovative ideas and engage in discussions.

    JMI students and faculty members having University's email account register and participate.

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  • IT Applications in Management for MBA (Executive), JMI
    Guests can Login but requires a pass phrase. Interested JMI students may send request to for gaining access.

    Last update date: Oct 06, 2013 

    Dr. S. Kazim Naqvi 

    Guest access
  • Books authored by Dr. Syed Shahid Ali

    Read Books authored by Dr. Syed Shahid Ali, Associate Professor, Department of Islamic Studies, Jamia Millia Islamia.

    Guest access to the material is allowed by the author. 

    Guest access
  • The Workshop on “Modernization of Learning Environment in Higher Education” is aimed at faculty members of Jamia Millia Islamia. It is scheduled to held on Jan 18,19, 2013 at FTK-CIT, JMI.

    The will impart hands-on skills to the faculty members and is expected to be helpful in making them comfortable in online managing and delivering their teaching contents.

  • Jamia ICT Service Tutorials

    The contents provided under this course are meant for internal users of JMI who wish to avail and understand the University ICT services. For any suggestion for improvement or incorporation of any missing topic please send mail to


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Welcome to JMI's Online Teaching Resources

The FTK-Centre For Information Technology has planned to make Moodle availble to faculty members and students of Jamia. All interested faculty members may send their request for either launching their course online or getting additional help in this regard to the following addresses:

Hopefully, the site inside will contains lots of academic material for the students of Jamia.

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