Department of Art History and Art Appreciation was established in 2007 when the earlier Department of Art and Art Education developed in to a full-fledged Faculty of Fine Arts. This is the only Department in Delhi which offers an MFA in Art History.

The Department of Art History & Art Appreciation provides diverse programs for the study of history and theory of art. The program seeks to create a forum for the exploration of visual arts as manifested in major epochs of European, Near Eastern and Asian civilizations. This is accomplished by encouraging the exploration of diverse approaches and examination of varied materials. The department seeks to cultivate knowledge of salient works of arts, of the structures within which they are produced and utilized, and of the ways in which the visual environment in the broadest sense generates, acquires and transmits meaning. Ways of addressing and analyzing range of materials that constitute visual culture are emphasized in lectures, seminars and workshops through oral and written presentation of research and inquiry into specific objects, periods and issues.

This is a department with a vision to develop scholastic studies in the field of Art History and Art Appreciation. Thus the syllabus and course structure involves keeping abreast with the developments in the field of Contemporary Indian Art in the context of the other countries in Asia and the West.

The Department offers two year course of Masters of Fine Arts (MFA) in Art History. This course includes, methodological and research oriented structure of traditional Art history discipline and new demands of the discipline in relation to sister concerns like curatorial practices and art management. The syllabus includes discourse on all aspects of art like folk and tribal art, ancient art, medieval art, modernism and Modern art, postmodernism and contemporary developments in the field of visual arts.

The unique character of this course is that it includes the study on Art Historiography, Asian Art and Curatorial practices. Thus it equips students to deal with the professional needs of Art Historians, art writers, art critics, contemporary curators and academicians.

After doing this course students can work as art writers, art critics, contemporary curators, art consultants, gallery managers, and art historians in academies and art educators in different colleges/faculties.