This Department, with its legacy of distinguished scholars and Teachers like Dr. Syed Abid Husain, Prof. Gopi Chand Narang , Prof. Unwan Chishti, Prof. M. Zakir, Prof. Shamim Hanfi, Prof. Muzaffar Hanfi, Prof. M. Hanif Kaifi, Prof. Sughra Mehdi and Prof. Azeemushshan Siddiqi has consistently contributing to the cause of Urdu language and literature through teaching and academic research since its inception. Being a research based department, we have been involved in guiding research and teaching language and literature

Emphasis is given to the study of the classical literature with equal stress on teaching of modern literature which is reflected from the syllabi of the Department itself. Besides traditional B.A (Hons.) Urdu and M.A Urdu courses, professional skills of students are being developed through our one year PG Diploma in Urdu Mass Media. Some of the students, having passed out this diploma course have secured jobs with media channels and other agencies in the recent past. Further, an additional paper has been introduced to the M.A. curriculum under the title of Mass Media: Principle and Practice whichis also helpful to the students.

The Department regularly organizes students' seminars where both students and teachers interact on the given themes. This experience is becoming very useful to our students and the research scholars.

Association of Eminnent scholars as Visiting Fellows is a matter of pride. Noteworthy Urdu scholars and writers such as Prof. Ralph Russell of the University of London, Prof. C.M. Naim of the University of Chicago , Ms. Qurratul AinHaider, Prof. Shamsur Rahman Farooqui and Canada based Dr. Bedar Bakht have been associated with the Department in the recent past on visiting assignments and on Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan roving chair. Besides, foreign scholars like Mr. Intezar Husain from Pakistan, Prof. David Mathews of SWAS (UK), Prof. Osada from Japan have frequently lectured in the Department.

A critical study of Urdu literary critism and a monograph on Khaja Mir Dard by Prof. Q.O.R Hashmi and Sarmaya-e-sukhan of Ali Sardar Jafri by Prof. Wahajjuddin Alvi;Shah Mubarak Aabaru and Urdu main Tanz-o­mazah ki riwayat by Prof. Khalid Mahmood; Altaf Hussain Hali and Maulana Mohammad Ali Johar by Dr.Shahzad Anjum Kulliyat-e-Mir (monograph) and Kulliyate Akbar Allahbadi vol. 1(edited) by M.Mahfooz Khan; Fiaz Dehlawi Waheed Akhter (monograph) by Dr. Ehsanul Hag (Kausar Mazhari); Marquise Garsiagabriel (monograph) Dr. Khalid jawed; Science The Raaz and Teaching of Indian Languages, Translated into Urdu by Dr. Suhail Ahmad Farooqi; Deewan-e-fughan, Deewane Taban and Kulliyate Waheed Akhter (prose)(edited) by Dr. sarwarul Huda.

This Department on the basis of its potentials in terms of its excellence in teaching and research and consistent academic endeavor of the teaching faculty, was accorded by the UGC the status of DRS-Phase-I and subsequently DRS Phase-II has, also had the will and determination to move forward on defined lines in a challenging academic atmosphere of our times. It is also evident from the current academic calendar 2010-11 with its round the year academic engagements. We have organized a 03 day (Nov. 25-27, 2011) national seminar on Tagore, which is un­precedented on the basis of the quality of papers presented on various aspects of the legendry poet and also the stature of the scholars who came from different parts of the country to participate in this historic event.