Healthcare organisations are meant to systematically deliver their services to patients and communities empowering them for their health and saving lives enhancing the quality of life of patients.

The quality of healthcare services offered by healthcare organisations reflects not only the quality of medical, para-medicals and other staff but also the quality of the management of the entire healthcare delivery process. In other words, staffs, equipped with leadership and managerial skills, are critical for the efficient functioning of health care sectors. They bring the available resources to its most effective use and attaining the desired results. And this is possibly done only through the trained management professionals.

With rapid innovation, in many cases, business professionals with management experts are driving innovation, and changes in health care system, the organisation and delivery of care have become central to the management of hospitals. This is because patients and the hospitals too, expect results that only skilled management professionals can deliver.

Traditionally, healthcare professionals are usually from a medical background with little training to look after the activities of management and administration. They generally come from medical colleges. But today many healthcare/hospital management professionals are coming from non-medical colleges and institutions.

The Department of Hospital Management and Hospice Studies (DHMHS) is established with a very fundamental purpose of creating not only skilled professionals in the area of healthcare sector but also to contribute with new knowledge and researches in the area of healthcare and hospital management.

This DHMHS in Jamia Millia Islamia is unique because it aims putting special emphasis, apart from all technical aspects of healthcare/hospital management, on equipping the students with the required skills like leadership skills, team-work, analytical skills, interpersonal skills, problem solving skills, communication skills, relationship building skills, and also the skills to be able to work under pressure and have a good knowledge of the healthcare industry which is indeed required in an effective and efficient leader in healthcare sector.

The DHMHS aims the following outcomes from this programme

  • Lay down a strong conceptual foundation in key functional areas and thereby enabling a high degree of academic flexibility that would allow the students to use their skills.
  • Elaborate on different facets of healthcare/hospital management and prepare the students to design effective programmes catering to the needs of the healthcare institutions.
  • Understand the disruptions in the healthcare industry and design effective process for healthcare/hospital management
  • Conduct research on the emerging trends and on-going business challenges in healthcare sector, to formulate a practical approach, and the solution with critical thinking and insights developed from general management