Vision and Overview of the Department of Sculpture

There is an academic habitation in the university inside the gate no. 18, besides Jamia School, faculty of Fine Arts, where teaching and learning not kept only inside the classrooms but in outdoors too. There are lush green lawns huge beautiful trees and other shrubberies, one finds the canvases on easels, students holding brushes pencils and chisels and numerous sculptures spreading glory of visual Art, throughout the faculty of fine arts.

In the Faculty of Fine Arts or Visual Arts, we promote an innovative educational community with balanced expression, imaginative problem solving, aesthetic understanding, critical thinking, and creativity within a studio environment...The Sculpture as constituent part of the Faculty is a professional and academic unit of the Jamia University. The faculty, administration, and staff are committed to creating a challenging, meaningful and collegial learning environment, while preparing students for careers as Educators, Artists, Scholars, Intellectuals and of course Administrators too. The faculty provides leadership in the Arts, and acts as a cultural center for the University, community, state, and region.

The curricular and extracurricular activities operated by the Department of Sculpture, solidifies the learning experience by bringing the work of our students to the society. This also is achieved through our annual Portfolio productions.

The Faculty of Fine Arts endeavors to be a distinguished institution of higher learning for Art education.