The Department of Mathematics at Jamia Millia Islamia was established in the year 1971 with the introduction of B.Sc. (Hons.) Mathematics. Since then the department has come a long way, pioneering in the most modern educational programs such as Mathematics with Computer Science. The department successfully keeps up with the high-end requirements of Industry and focuses on the professional development of its students.

On the basis of our teaching and research, the Department had received following grants:

  • Departmental Research Support Scheme (DRS) under the SAP of UGC (Rs. 56 lacs sanctioned in year 2012).
  • DST-FIST (Rs. 19.5 lacs sanctioned in year 2012).

To cater the needs of modern time, the department offers the following Post-graduate courses:

  • M.Sc. Mathematics with Computer Science

M. Sc. (Mathematics with Computer Science) was started in 1984 and this department was among the first few Departments in the country to have introduced Computer Science at Post Graduate level. This M. Sc. program is designed to equip the students with advanced level of training in Mathematics as well as to provide a rigorous exposure to Computer Science so that they can take up jobs in the software industry or can pursue their career in research and teaching in Mathematics or in Computer Science. The duration of this course is four (4) semesters.

  • M.Sc. Mathematics (Evening)

This course was started in 1993 to fulfil the needs of TGT teachers in Govt. and Private Secondary/Higher Secondary Schools of Delhi and NCR. The Department is giving a rigorous training of Mathematics covering all areas of modern mathematics. The duration of this course is two years.

Apart from Post-graduate courses, the department offers the following Under-graduate courses:

  • B.Sc.(Hons.) Mathematics
  • B.Sc.(Hons.) Applied Mathematics

The Department has a cohesive group of workers in the fields of Algebra, Analysis, Applied Mathematics (Dynamical Systems, Numerical Analysis, Fracture Mechanics, Information Security, Data Mining), & Differential Geometry and are actively engaged in wide-ranging areas of research in Mathematics and allied subjects. Following research projects had been undertaken by the Department which were supported by various funding agencies such as UGC and DST.

Name of the Investigator Title of the project Amount sanctioned (In INR) Period Funding Agency
Prof. Mohd. Rais Khan Development of derivations of certain classes of nearing with applications 6,82,800 /- Feb 2009 to July 2012 UGC
Prof. Mohd. Hasan Shahid Differential geometry of CR-Sub manifold and application 5,15,800/- Mar 2008 to Mar 2012 UGC
Dr. Arshad Khan Numerical solution of singularity perturbed boundary value problems with application to science and engineering 13,80,000/- Apr 2011 to Apr 2014 DST

The Department publishes a Journal “JMI International Journal of Mathematical Sciences” to encourage researchers in the area of Mathematical Sciences and allied fields. The editor board of this Journal consists of eminent mathematicians from India and abroad.

The Department has its own Library to meet the requirements of PG students, Research Scholars and Faculty members. This library is funded by National Board of Higher Mathematics (NBHM). There are over 3400 books in this library covering all areas of study in Mathematics and Computer Science.