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Three days seminar on: "Decentralized Governance and Development

January 31, 2005
Dear Sir/ Madam,
The proposed seminar on: "Decentralized Governance and Development – Promises, Performance and Prospects" has been re-scheduled. It will be now held from 17th March to 19th March 2005.
The main objective of this seminar is to examine and evaluate the decentralized development strategies against the backdrop of the constitutional (73rd and 74th amendment) acts. In the light of the recent developments and experiences this review is extremely warranted both at the level of theory and policy. There is need for assessing the performance in the light of promises. This shall help in appreciating the problems and challenges better. In this exercise we plan to involve all stakeholders for an informed debate and assessment. A dispassionate attempt shall be made to prepare an agenda for decentralized development. This agenda will be circulated for eliciting further comments and reviews from a larger constituency of the interested intellectuals, administrators, policy makers, NGOs and target groups. In the light of this feedback the agenda will be revised and published for wide dissemination and action. The proceedings of the seminar will also be published in a book form.
We solicit your participation in our seminar and request you to please write a paper on any of the enclosed topics. In case it is not possible for you to contribute a paper kindly let us know whether it will be possible for you to spare some time for our seminar and enrich us with your expertise. Looking forward for your cooperation and good wishes. For further information please contact:
                    Prof. M.S. Bhatt
                    (Fax) 91-11-26985243, (Tel.) 91-11-26981717 Ext. 3512, 3513, 3515
                    (Res.) 91-11-26833723
                    E-mail: ab1sul2@yahoo.com
With regards
Sincerely yours
(Prof. Khan Masood Ahmad)
Head and Chairman
Department of Economics 
Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi - 110025
(Prof. M.S. Bhatt)
Department of Economics 
Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi – 110025
National Seminar
"Decentralized Governance and Development – Promises, Performance and Prospects"
Themes of the Seminar:
 Macro Perspective of Decentralized Governance and Development:
Theory and Practice of Decentralized Governance and Development
New Institutional Economics, Rural Development and Decentralized Governance
Decentralized Governance – Glimpses from the Past
Decentralized Governance in India from Framing of the Indian Constitution to 73rd and 74th (Amendment Acts)
Decentralized Governance – Inter-country Experiences
Beyond 73rd and 74th Constitution Amendment Act – Problems and Prospects
Decentralized Governance and Development – Critical Inputs:
Human Resources
Data Requirements
Financial Resources
Common Property Resources
Science and Technology with special focus on IT
Legal aspects
Institutional Issues:
Role of Election Commission
State Finance Commissions
Social Capital
Regional and Social Perspectives:
Decentralized Governance and Development in Tribal areas
Caste, Class, Gender, Religion and Ethnicity