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New Document Notice regarding date of extension for online filling of admission forms (03.07.2020) Admissions of Foreign Studnets /NRIs wards under Supernumerary seats 2020-21 Letter of congratulation to the Deans/Directors/HoDs/Teaching/Non-Teaching Staff/Researchers/Students/Jamia Alumni (18.6.2020)

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Sl. No. Name of Candidates Name(s) of the Supervisor / Co-Supervisor Title Year
1 Ambreen Ahmad Prof. M. T. Beg / Prof. S. N. Ahmad Resource Allocation in Wireless Networks 2019
2 Kuldeep Panwar Prof. Dinesh Prasad Some Investigations into the Design Of Analog Circuits using Current Differencing Differential Input Transconductance Amplifier. 2019
3 JAVED AHMAD Dr. DINESH PRASAD Design and Development of Analog Signal Processing /Generation Circuits 2018
4 TAZEEM AHMAD KHAN Prof. Mirza Tariq Beg MAC Layer Analysis & Upgradation for Performance Enhancement of Wireless Local Area NetworksA 2018
5 Priyanka Bansal Prof. M. T. Beg Performance Evaluation of Speaker Recognition in a Continuous Speech Recognition System using Some Novel Techniques 2018
6 SUNIL KUMAR Dr. SAJAD A. LOAN Design and simulation of Novel Nano SOI based Engineering Devices for Nano electronics applications 2018
7 Md Rashid Mahmood Prof. Mirza Tariq Beg Design and Simulation of Multiband Compact Dielectric Resonator Filter on Novel DGS/EBG Surface 2017
8 Devesh Singh Dr. Neelofer Afzal Realization of Analog Signal Processing Circuits 2016
9 Ahmed Hameed R Eja Prof. Syed Naseem Ahmad Metamateri Al Based Microwave Filter Design 2016
10 Nisha Dinesh Walde Prof.S.N.Ahmad “Realization of Some Voltage and Current Mode Signal Processing /Signal Generating Circuits using State of Art Analog Building Blocks and Their Applications 2016
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