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JMI Hindi TopSpecial नव प्रवेशित छात्रों के लिए ओरिएंटेशन प्रोग्राम सत्र 2020-2021 के लिए टाइम टेबल

Message of Chairman

I feel honoured to address the great alumni club of this esteemed institution which has a magnificent history of its inception. At the outset, I must thank the present Vice Chancellor Prof. Talat Ahmad who not only conceived the idea to create GJAN rather put it on his priority to make it functional, so that, we can bring together the Jamia alumni scattered in different parts of the globe. Earlier we lacked an official platform to stay together, now the new team of GJAN is gearing up to gather all alumni of JMI at one platform with a hope that this milestone will connect everyone to reflect upon your time at JMI where you will share your fondest memories.
Life of modern day is very fast and the pressing needs keep all of us deeply involved in professional and familial pursuits with every passing day and suddenly we realise we have lost touch with those outside that close circle. The GJAN can help you stay connected to those lost friends, the faculty that taught and guided you, libraries, sports complex, hostels and of course the great cultural assets of JMI. So now “stay connected” through our effort called GJAN where we have designed a robust system to support you as you pursue your post-academic life and career.
I would further like to motivate you to ponder a while and get the way you can give back to the university to whatever degree you are comfortable. And of course, it is not just monetarily, though it is most crucial. There are many other ways to give back, where you yourself can be the best judge. Jamia has a history of contributing to the society and nation from literature, sports to the media. I therefore solicit your aggressive approach towards giving back to you alma mater as during the course you will find, giving back has benefit: it feels good.
We invite you to join the GJAN in shaping and programming the momentum of your alma mater by applying for a life membership to serve as an active and dynamic member. If you have not already done so, we encourage you to follow the link and register yourself as member of this alumni club. Your voluntary effort to get registered and stay tuned with the JMI shall provide as a great impetus to your university across the globe. Stay tuned as we roll out an exciting annual events of alumni on 24th December of every year, which of course will be the marquee celebration for alumni. So mark your calendars to be back on campus for the festival, when this Alumni Network will also honour distinguished members as part of its festivities. I will appreciate the initiation of the local chapters in your city to pulsate the light through the GJAN wave front. I on the behalf of my team members, promise you may leave JMI but JMI will never leave you.
Saluting the emotions and concern of our valued alumni, the zeal of whom has led us to bring this network in action.
Prof. M. Moshahid A. Rizvi
Chairman, Global Jamia Alumni Network