SCADA And Smart Grid RTDS Research Laboratory

The supervisory systems are revolutionizing the industrial automation scenario in the world. In India, there has been significant rise in the level of automation in various industrial sectors. In power sector also, which is poised for a tremendous growth in the coming years, SCADA plays an important role in Generation, Transmission and Distribution. But, what ails the Industrial automation and Power sectors in India is the shortage of qualified engineers for specialized jobs in automation. The Department of Electrical Engineering has exploited the unlimited potential of the automation and Power sectors. The department has conceived, designed and executed a unique state of the art center for SCADA research and training, at Jamia Millia Islamia . When the Industry in India has just started adopting SCADA for better management and control of its processes, Jamia has gone a step further, to set up the SCADA laboratory for the benefit of Industrial Automation in general and Power Industry in particular. Typically, SCADA systems are proprietary and are the monopoly of big industrial houses. It is almost impossible for a student, academician or a practicing engineer to learn about SCADA as details are not readily available. This laboratory, which can teach a trainee the a-z in SCADA and automation, has every details of a SCADA system which can be experienced and experimented. The SCADA laboratory has already won laurels in the Industrial and academic circles. The SCADA laboratory, the first of its kind, is primarily used for regular research and training programmes for the benefit of Faculty and students of Jamia and also for practicing engineers, which is giving hands on experience on SCADA systems. Another major emphasis is on doing industrial consultancy and research for the benefit of Industrial Houses. In addition, the laboratory is conducting regular training programmes for practicing engineers on SCADA systems. Presently, such a laboratory facility is not available in any of the major engineering and academic institutions in India and abroad. The laboratory has been commented as a unique one by the IEEE Power & Energy magazine, March 2004.