School Calendar


Date Programme/Activities
2nd April, 2012 (Monday) New Session Starts
27th April 2012 Election Bachchon ki Hukumat (Children’s Parliament)
30th April 2012 to 7th May 2012 I Unit Test
9th May 2012(Wednesday) P.T.M. (Class I to VIII)
10th May 2012 to 30th June, 2012 Summer Vacation
2nd July 2012 (Monday) School Reopen
19th July 2012 (Thursday) Special Assembly (I to VIII) Ramzan
20th July 2012 (Friday) Oath Ceremony of new elected Cabinet members (Bachhon ki Hukumat)
6th August to 14th August 2012 II Unit Test
16th August 2012 (Thursday) Special Assembly I - VIII (Independence Day)
31st August 2012 (Friday) P.T.M. (I to VIII)
5th September 2012 (Wednesday) Special Assembly (Teachers Day)
7th September 2012 (Friday) One Day School
8th October 2012 to 19th October 2012 Half yearly examination
26th Oct. 2012 (Friday) Special Assembly (Foundation Day)
29th Oct. 2012 (Monday) Foundation Day celebration
31st Oct. 2012 (Wednesday) P.T.M. (I – VIII)
14th Nov. 2012 (Wednesday) House Activity
3rd Dec. 2012-10th Dec. 2012 III Unit Test
18 & 19 Dec. 2012 Sports Day
20th Dec.2012 (Thursday) Excursion (V - VIII)
21st Dec. 2012 (Friday) Excursion (I - IV)
25th Dec. 2012 to 9th Jan. 2013 Winter Vacation
10th Jan. 2013 (Thursday) School Reopen
17th to 24th January 2013 IV Unit Test
25th Jan. 2013 (Friday) Special Assembly (Republic Day)
31st Jan 2013 (Thursday) P.T.M. (I-VIII)
31st Jan. 2013 (Thursday) House Activity
22nd Feb. 2013 (Friday) Farewell Party for Class VIII
1st & 2nd week of March 2013 Annual Examination
Last week of March 2013 P.T.M. & Result Distribution (I - VIII)