Scholarship Opportunities

The Understanding Canada program is a new initiative of the Government of Canada designed to support academic activities that develop greater understanding of Canada in the world, especially in areas of importance of Canada. It is intended for foreign academics who want to study about or conduct research on Canada. Some components of the program are also available to promote teaching and publications about Canada in various disciplines.

Program Objectives

  • to develop a greater knowledge and understanding of Canada, its values and culture among scholars other influential groups abroad.
  • to support government priorities, building n synergies with other activities such as education marketing, youth mobility and scholarships.
  • to support activities such as teaching, conferences, seminars, workshops and research in areas of policy relevance to Canada, while continuing to respect academic freedom.

Priority areas

  • Peace and Security (with a particular interest in Afghanistan)
  • North America Partnership (including key Canada-US bilateral issues)
  • Economic Development and Competitiveness
  • Democracy, Rule of Law, Human Rights
  • Managing Diversity
  • Environment/Energy
Canada Conference Grant - up to $20,000 Deadline: June 1 & December 1
Students' Exchange Program - up to $10,000
Funding Guide
The Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada
The National Research Council
The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada
The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council
Canadian Institutes of Health Research www.cihr-irsc.rca
Canadian Studies Book Program For other awards administered by SICI see

International Council for Canadian Studies

International Research Linkages - up to $10,000 Deadline: November 24
Canada Asia Pacific Awards - $5000 to $10,000 Deadline: November 24

Other Useful Sources of Funding

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships Program - $50,000 per annum for three years  
Canada Excellence Research Chairs - $10 million for seven years  
Student Mobility Support Program - up to $10,000 Deadline: February 1
Book Display Program - up to $1000  

Shastri Indo Canadian Institute (

Faculty Enrichment Program Deadline: October 1
Faculty Research Program Deadline: October 1
Doctoral Student Research Award Deadline: October 1
Program Development Grant Deadline: December 10