History and Sociology of South Asia

History and Sociology of South Asia provides a forum for scholarly interrogations of significant moments in the transformation of the social, economic and political fabric of South Asian societies. Thus the journal advisedly presents an interdisciplinary space in which contemporary ideas compete, and critiques of existing perspectives are encouraged. The interdisciplinary focus of the journal enables it to incorporate diverse areas of research, including political economy, social ecology, and issues of minority rights, gender, and the role of law in development. History and Sociology of South Asia also promotes dialogue on socio-political problems, from which academicians as well as activists and advocacy groups can benefit. To this end, apart from scholarly articles, the journal can accommodate sections titled “Perspective” and “Commentary,” comprising peer reviewed academic or non-academic polemical essays and short commentaries on current issues. A third section would include occasional reports of conferences from academic and research institutions. The final section incorporates book reviews, whose scope is designed to reflect the interdisciplinary range of the journal.

Call for Papers

The journal invites contributions to all its sections: Articles, Perspectives and Commentaries, Reports and Book Reviews. To submit an article, please send submissions as attachments simultaneously to the following e-mail addresses: