The Centre for Spanish and Latin American Studies (CSLAS) has been established to expand the scope of Spanish and Latin American studies in India. Keeping this objective in mind the Centre promotes research and teaching on Latin America and the Caribbean, and Spain. Additionally, it also focuses on European countries like Portugal, Italy, France and Russia and undertakes various academic activities with an interdisciplinary focus that cover a wide range of areas like culture, society, politics, history, and literary and cultural studies of these regions.

The Centre conducts various language and culture oriented courses. Currently it offers a 3 year BA (Honours) Programme in Spanish and Latin American Studies. In addition, the Centre also offers language proficiency programmes leading to certificates/diplomas/advanced diplomas in various languages such as Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish. These programmes cater to the increased need of language professionals in the industry, academia and government bodies and help students opt for professional careers in the languages concerned as well as equip them with the critical tools necessary for being successful global citizens.

The Centre offers a Ph.D programme in two streams: Latin American Studies and European Studies. Given the growing relations between India and countries of Latin America and the Caribbean and the existing relations between India and Europe, the Centre concentrates its activities on contemporary themes emphasizing on developing a body of research in India on issues relating to these regions. The Centre endeavours to foster research collaborations, sign memorandums of understanding, and hold seminars and conferences to fulfil its aims and objectives.