The National Cadet Corps (NCC) seeks to involve student youth of the country by constructively utilizing their energies. NCC is an important activity for young adults. Persons get an opportunity to discover the power and potential of team work in situations which challenge their own abilities. The tasks and activities undertaken in NCC help youth to unleash its creative potential in human relations, while giving them an exposure to ground realities. Youth learns the key to co-operative and harmonious living while engaging in activities like camping, etc while at the same time they imbibe a sense of commitment and camaraderie as they work closely with the larger community. NCC draws out the potential of the youth as it works closely for community development in times of peace as well as natural or man made exigencies. NCC gives tremendous opportunity to one and all for betterment, irrespective of caste, creed, religion or economic status and instils in them qualities like nationalism, patriotism, discipline and self-confidence.

NCC in Jamia consists of the following Six Wings

Division Sanctioned Strength of Cadets
Senior Division Boys (Army) 160
Senior Wing Girls (Army) 160
Senior Division Boys (Naval) 50
Junior Division Boys (Army) 100
Junior Division Boys (Naval) 100
Junior Wing Girls (Army) 100
Total 670

Jamia Millia Islamia is one of the very few institutions which organises its own training camp for its cadets on the campus in the month of October every year. This camp is recognised by the directorate oO-.JCc. The cadets utilise this camp for preparation for the celebration of lamia's Foundation Day on 29th October. On this day cadets demonstrate different activities in which they have got the training. This camp also makes them eligible to appear in the certificate examinations.

In addition, cadets of lamia NCC avail the opportunities for participation in various adventure activities, like Rock Climbing, Trekking, Cycle Expeditions, White Water Rafting, Para-trooping, Civil Defence, Self Defence, Aero Modelling and Horse Riding etc. Demonstrations of these activities are held on the occasion of lamia's Foundation Day celebrations. Students are also provided the opportunities to undertake Basic Mountaineering course conducted by the Mountaineering Institutes. At the same time trekking programmes and organized annually to places in Himalayas in Himachal Pradesh, Uttra Khand and Coastal trek in Goa. The added advantage of NCC in lamia is that, it is maintaining its own shooting range.