Counseling is a helping profession and a way of life, the ultimate goal of counseling is to emphasize the importance of enhancing psychological functioning and wellbeing. There is no doubt that counseling fulfills many needs like need to be helpful and caring for others, need of improving self knowledge, approaching to the highest level of one’s potential, need for power, influence or status and need for self actualization. University students are unique and often require services that may not be readily available to the society. It is believed that each individual is very precious and has potential to be developed that give satisfaction and happiness in life. The goal is to help each student in becoming an effective functioning individual who is equipped with personal-social skills, able to adapt changing life demands, possess a variety of coping skills, problem solving and decision making capabilities.

University Counseling and Guidance Centre was established in the year 2005 with the aim of developing personality of the students, to help them achieve their fullest potential in academic and professional areas, to excel in life and to prepare them to meet the challenges in the future. Since 2007, the centre has diversified its activities to remediation, rehabilitation, prevention and management of psychological needs. Wide range of services are provided to assist students in acquiring and developing positive attitudes, insight and understanding about self and surrounding environment.

The centre conducts weekly/fortnight Workshops, Lectures, meetings and orientation programs to assist students in overcoming current and specific personal or educational, vocational, social, and psychological problems. The Center has been providing personal and career counseling to students of Jamia, both from school and University, people from community and society.