Vision And Mission


  • To impart the latest knowledge in the field of Biotechnology and equip the students with advanced experimental skills to shape them to become distinguished academicians/ scientists/ researchers/ entrepreneurs to serve the society, country and humanity at large.
  • To develop leadership qualities among students and make them aware of the importance of natural resources, its conscious utilization and hazards associated with unplanned or badly planned human activities that are going to affect the existence of future human generations and all other living beings on earth.


  • To provide basic, advance and competent education to our undergraduate and postgraduate students assisted with recent tool of multimedia and instill the confidence to compete for top courses/jobs in the field of their choice in the country and abroad.
  • To achieve 100% success rate for students striving for higher studies, choice of jobs, counseling and/or guidance.
  • To improve the quality of research by encouragement, co-operation and collaboration.
  • To contribute to the progress of the nation in field of education, research and awareness.