Ph.D.(European Studies /Latin American Studies)

Level of Program :Ph.D.(European Studies /Latin American Studies)

Program Type : Regular

Duration :5-Years

Programme/Course Fee :Please refer to Prospectus of the current Session.

M.Phil. Programme in Latin American Studies/European Studies 2016
The Centre for European and Latin American Studies offers since the academic session 2011-2012, an M.Phil programme in two fields: European Studies and Latin American Studies.

Intake of Students
10 candidates for the two streams.

European Studies
The programme in European Studies deals with contemporary and historical features of European culture in its various national and social contexts. It provides the opportunity to make an in-depth study of specific aspects of European societies, their media, literature and culture, and to write a short thesis on a topic of personal interest. The major areas covered by the M.Phil. in European Studies are: French and Francophone, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Russian Studies.
Latin American Studies
The programme in Latin American Studies is designed to enable students to work on contemporary themes in order to develop a body of research in India on issues relating to Latin America and the Caribbean. It builds on a foundation of language, history, and cultural studies to further the understanding of the societies and cultures of this region and its interaction with India.
Language competence is an important component of the European Studies as well as the Latin American Studies programme in order to enable researchers to use original sources in one or more languages other than English or their L1. Students are expected to acquire, in the course of this programme, a working knowledge of one or more of the following languages on offer: French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, or Spanish, depending on their area of study. Students will have the choice to write their dissertation in English or in any one of these languages if they have the competence.

The faculty members at the Centre are able to supervise students with a background in humanities and social sciences and in the broad area of literary and cultural studies. However, given the interdisciplinary thrust of our programme, we encourage students with diverse research interests.

Course Structure

1.    The M. Phil programme has both course work and dissertation. The course work will be completed in first two consecutive semesters followed by dissertation within the maximum permissible period of two semesters.
2. Semester I will have 4 courses out of which the course on Research Methodology and two modules of the course on Empires and Colonies will be common to both the streams. The Language Proficiency Course will be allotted as per the option and level of prior knowledge of the language concerned (beginners, intermediate, advanced). Semester II will have three taught courses and one seminar course.

Details of the course content and structure are as follows:


I.    Research Methodology
II.    Modern Latin American Intellectual Thought
III.    Empires and Colonies
IV.    Language Proficiency Course


V.    Contemporary Latin America
VI.     Latin America: Major Intellectual Currents
VII.    Seminar Course
VIII.    Language Proficiency Course


I.    Research Methodology
II.    Modern European Intellectual Thought
III.    Empires and Colonies
IV.    Language Proficiency Course


V.     Contemporary European History
VI.     European Union
VII.    Seminar Paper
VIII.    Language Proficiency Course