OPD Services

Considering the demand for advice and treatment related to health, centre provide Physiotherapy services by professionally qualified Physiotherapists in different specialties.

Clinical Services and Staff l

The clinic provides clinical training to undergraduate and post graduate students of physiotherapy and also it provides research platform for MPT and PhD students & faculty of the centre. The Physiotherapy clinic renders its services to various sports teams and sporting/ athletic events of JMI and outreach activity. In addition to these centre is providing OPD service in Physiotherapy mainly to the students, Employees and their dependents and also to the retired employees of JMI.

We have one of the highly skilled and experienced team of physiotherapists specialized in the fields of neurology, sports medicine, orthopedics, paediatrics, geriatrics, cardiopulmonary and women health trained at various prestigious institutes .

  • Dr. Kamran Ali (MPT-Sports, Ph. D (under submission)
  • Dr. Shagoofa Mushtaq (MPT-Musculoskeletal)
  • Dr. Shumaila Choudhry ( MPT-Orthopedics)
  • Dr. M. Azharuddin (MPT-Neurology)


The clinic is equipped with advanced Physiotherapeutic technology to provide intervention for the management of various medical conditions and introduce our students to new dimensions of different treatment regimens. The assessment and treatment offered at the centre is based on current research with an emphasis on evidence based practice.

The treatment is provided by the use of manual therapy techniques by certified staff (Kaltenborn, Maitland, Mulligan, NDT/ Bobath, PNF, MFR, MET , soft t Mc kenzie, Neural mobilizat , electrotherapy modalities, soft tissue manipulation) , Electrotherapy modalities ( Ultrasound, IFT, TENS, Muscle stimulator, russian current, Microwave diathermy, Shortwave diathermy, High power LASER, Compression therapy unit, cryotherapy unit, contrast bath,CPM, Paraffin wax bath, Traction, Hydrocollator unit, EMG biofeedback) and exercise therapy modalities ( Therabands and theratubes, Balance and stability trainer, treadmill, cycle ergometer, medicine ball, weight cuff, dumbbells, Gymball, ankle and foot exerciser, Quadricep’s table, therapeutic gym)

Specialized Clinical services

The clinic has specialized clinical services with focus on research and teaching on the following areas.

Neurological Rehab

Parkinson’s disease, Stroke, Spinal cord Injury, Post traumatic Brain Injury, Cerebral palsy, Bell’s Palsy, GBS, DMD

Orthopaedic Rehabilitation

Osteoarthritis, Cervical, lumbar spondylosis, Shoulder pathologies, Postural pain, Post fracture Rehabilitation,Tennis elbow, Sprains and strains

Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation
Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Fitness screening, Assesment and evaluation of university for game specific athletes, Sports injury prevention and management
Lifestyle Disorders Management ( Diabetes, obesity, hypertension)
Exercise testing and prescription for various lifestyle disordes

Geriatric Care

Fall prevention, Osteoporosis, Degenerative joint disease, General mobility

Women health

General fitness, Antenatal and Post Natal Rehabilitation
Sleep disorders Management

Clinic Timings

Morning: 9:30A.M to 12:30 P.M
Afternoon: 2:00 P.M to 4:30 P.M

On an average the total no. of patients in clinic during 2018 -2019 were 14,205 and no. of patients per day about 55.