Ongoing Researches

Sr.No. Name of the candidate Name of the Supervisor(s)/ Co-Supervisor(s) Title Year
Pooja Bhati Prof. M. Ejaz Hussain Modulation of cardiac autonomic control by resistance training in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus 2016 (registered)
Shahid Raza Prof. M. Ejaz Hussain Studies on high intensity training among Low back pain patients with or without sleep disturbance 2017 (registered)
Moazzam Hussain Prof. M. Ejaz Hussain Timimg of Interval Training and its association with Oxygen uptake, cardiac Autonomic function and physical performance in healthy human subjects : Role of Circadian variation 2017 (registered)
Anam Aseem Prof. M. Ejaz Hussain Sleep disturbance induced cognitive impairment in collegiate: Effects of brain wave entrainment and aerobic exercise. 2017 (registered)
Mosab Aldabbas Dr. Zubia Veqar Studies on understanding the relationship between chronic neck pain and sleep disturbance : Physiotherapy intervention 2017 (registered)
Iram Dr. Zubia Veqar To be decided 2018 (registered)