Progams With Sustainability Curriculum

S.No Doctoral programs
  Ph.D.(Environmental Science)
  Ph.D. (Architechture)
  Ph.D.(Interdisciplinary Research in Basic Sciences)
  Ph.D.(Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Science)
  Ph.D (Tourism & Hospitality)
S.No Postgraduate Programs
  M.Sc. (Disaster Mgmt. & Climate Sustainability Studies)
  M.A.(Human Resource Management)
  M.Sc. (Environmental Science & Management)
  M.Tech.(Environmental Science & Engg)
  M.Tech.(Energy Science and Technology)
  M.Tech in Mech Engg. (Production & Industrial Engg)
  M.Tech.(Earthquake Engineering)
  M.Tech.(Environment Sc & Engineering)
  M.Tech.(Electrical Power System Management)
  M.Tech.(Thermal Engg)
  M.Arch.(Building Services)
  M.Arch.(Urban Regeneration)
  M.Arch.(Healthcare Architecture)
  MBA(Healthcare and Hospital Management)
  MBA (Pharmaceutical Management)
  MBA (International  Business)
  MBA (Entrepreneurship & Family Business)
  Master in Physiotherapy (MPT)
  M.Sc. (Virology)
  Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  M.B.A (Executive)
  Master of Tourism and Travel Management (MTTM)
S.No Undergraduate programs
  B.Voc. Solar Energy
  B Voc. Food Production
  Bachelor of Physiotherapy
  B.Voc (Medical Laboratory Sciences)
  B. Voc (Medical Electrophysiology)
  Bachelor of Dental Surgery
  Bachelor of Tourism and Travel Management (BTTM)
  Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM)
S.No Postgraduate and undergraduate Diploma program
  P.G.Diploma in Molecular Diagnostics
  P.G. Dip. in Remote Sensing and GIS Applications
  P.G. Diploma in Disaster Management (Semester Parttime Self Finance)
  PG Diploma in Tourism & Travel Management
  Diploma In Civil Engg.
  Diploma In Mechanical Engg.
  Diploma Electrical Engg.
  Diploma in Unani Pharmacy
  PG Diploma in Tourism & Travel Management