Key Objectives

Key Objectives

Environmental Sustainability

To achieve environmental sustainability by:

  • Reducing Carbon Footprint
  • Implement initiatives to reduce carbon emissions
  • Promote and make transition towards Clean/Renewable Energy
  • Optimize energy consumption in facilities
  • Promote green building designs
  • Preserve biodiversity and habitat
  • Implement water-saving technologies
  • Efficiently manage water resources
  • Implement waste reduction programs
  • Promote recycling and proper waste disposal
  • Develop and implement Climate Action Plan

Social Sustainability & Wellbeing

  • Provide a safe and healthy environment
  • Offer wellness programs and support services
  • Promote diversity and inclusivity
  • Ensure equal opportunities for all
  • Engage with local communities
  • Foster partnerships for sustainable development
  • Adopt ethical Practices & Governance
  • Implement Sustainable & Ethical Procurement Procurement 

Education & Research

  • Incorporate sustainability into academic programs
  • Offer courses and research opportunities
  • Support research for sustainable solutions
  • Provide training on sustainability practices

Financial & Investment Practices

  • Generate Financial resources to support sustainability
  • Align investments with sustainability goals
  • Follow socially responsible investment practices


  • Establish sustainability as a key governance concern
  • Dedicated group to plan, monitor & further sustainable initiatives