Completed Research

S No. Research Scholar Title Supervisor Year of submission
  Sango Bidani A Critical Study of the Cinematic Adaptations of Devdas in the Indian Subcontinent Prof. Anuradha Ghosh 2023
  Manjeera G The Persistence of Dystopian/Utopian Spaces in Popular Imagination: An Analysis of the Apocalypse in Young Adult Dystopia Prof. Baran Farooqi 2023
  Md. Faizan Moqium Aesthetics of Dissonance: A Study of Khalid Jawed’s Art of Fiction Prof. Baran Farooqi 2023
  Marilyn Thomas Clothing and Gender Implications in Shakespearean Drama Prof. Baran Farooqi 2023
  Indrani Dasgupta Social Vision of Science Fiction in Modern India: A Study of Select Texts Prof. Nishat Zaidi 2023
  Arif Nisar Articulating Discontent: A Study of Kashmiri Folklore Prof. Baran Farooqi 2023
  Anab Naiyer Desire and Domesticity: Studying Contemporary Print Culture of Urdu Digests in North India Prof. Baran Farooqi 2023
  Inderpreet Kaur Depiction of Dalits in Contemporary Hindi Cinema Prof. Saroj Kumar Mahananda 2023
  Anusha Halim Ideology, Violence and Resistance in the Fiction of Mohammed Hanif and Nadeem Islam Dr. Shubhy Abidi 2023
  Shreya Singh Revisiting Dalithood in the works of Meena Kandasamy and Sujatha Gidla Prof. Saroj Kumar Mahananda 2023
  Mirza Sadaf Fatima Globalization, Identity and Muslim Woman: A Study of Select Texts of Tehmina Durrani, Leila Abouzeid and Mohja Kahf Dr. Ivy K. Hansdak 2023
  Disha Pokhriyal Women, Writing and Discoveries of a Powerful Self Prof. Baran Farooqi 2023
  Shabeeh Rahat Postcolonialism and Indian English Writing: Text, Context, Theory Prof. Ameena K. Ansari 2023
  Sombir Sharma A Critical Evaluation of Premchand’s Non-Fiction Writings Prof. Mukesh Ranjan 2022
  Rupleena Bose The city Minstrel: Urban Music from Bengal, 1992-2002 Prof. Anuradha Ghosh 2022
  Mehak Burza Literary Representations of the Holocaust: An Assessment Prof. Baran Farooqi 2022
  Kanika Gandhi Writing in Self: The Study of Select English Texts by Pakistani Women Dr. Shuby Abidi 2022
  Pratibha Self and Community in Autobiographical Narratives by Dalit Women in the English Translation Dr. Shuby Abidi 2022
  Md. Shalim Muktadir Hussain The Contribution of Translation to the Shaping of an Assamese Literary Aesthetic Prof. Anuradha Ghosh 2022
  Nida Eqbal Representation of Men and Masculinities in the Works of Ismat Chughtai Dr. Asmat Jahan 2022
  Mona Sinha Imaging Indian Woman in the New Millennium: A Study of Select Hindi Soap Operas and Reality Television Prof. Ameena Kazi Ansari 2022
  Mohd. Ashraf Bhat Satirical Mode in the Post-independence African Novel: A Study of the Selected Works of Chinua Achebe, Ngugi Wa Thiongo and Ayi Kwei Armah Prof. Mukesh Ranjan 2022
  Sananda Roy Adaptation and Ideology: A Study of Rituparno Ghosh’s Films Prof. Mohd. Asaduddin 2022
  Aisha Mohammad Shamsuddin A Study of the Emergence of Superhero in India Dr. Asmat Jahan 2021
  Ipshita Nath The Making of the ‘Memsahib’: Studying Memsahibs of Colonial India, and Their Representation in Postcolonial Literature Prof. Nishat Zaidi 2021
  Pisharody Rajitha Venugopal Presenting ‘An/Other America’: A Study of Select Works by Barbara Kingsolver Prof. Ameena Kazi Ansari 2021
  Jennifer Monteiro Representation of Masculinity and Men in Contemporary Feminist Theatre in India: A Study of Select Indian Women Playwrights Prof. Nishat Zaidi 2021
  Lama Jamal Eddin Jneidy Travelling to Damascus: The Image of the City in Select English Narratives from the Colonial Era Prof. Ameena Kazi Ansari 2021
  AC Kharingpam The Cultural and Literary Impact of the Bible on the Tangkhul Nagas: A Study in Shifting Narrative Prof Simi Malhotra 2021
  Tasneem Q Khan Dissident Narratives: The Complex World of Muslim Protagonist in Popular Hindi Cinema Prof M. Asaduddin 2020
  Aateka Khan A Critical Evaluation of Richard Burton’s Travel Writings Dr. Ivy I. Hansdak 2020
  Neelam Pandey The Problematic of Constructing and Disseminating New Knowledge: Interrogating Publishing Industry and Readership in India Prof. Ameena Kazi Ansari (co-supervisor: Prof Anisur Rahman) 2020
  Anubhav Pradhan Imaging the Subcontinent Colonial Realism and the Ethnographic Writing of British India Prof. Baran Farooqi 2020
  Ali Rafiei Sa’di in English: Translation and Reception Prof. M. Asaduddin 2020
  Shaifta Ayoub History, Culture, Identity and Gender: Kashmir Conflict in Contemporary Texts Dr. Asmat Jahan 2020
  Mubashir Karim Author/Reader Nexus and Metafiction: A Case Study of Select Self-Reflexive Novels Prof Nishat Zaidi 2020
  Saba Zahoor Identity Crisis or Identity in Crisis? Interrogating Subjectivity in Select Writings of Joseph Heller Prof Nishat Zaidi 2020
  Anamta Rizvi Language, Identity and Authority: Canon Formation in Indian Writing in English post-1950 and the Contribution of Writers Workshop, Calcutta Prof Nishat Zaidi 2020
  Chaandreyi Mukherjee Dark Sweethearts: Postmodern Women in Haruki Murakami’s Fiction Prof Ameena Kazi Ansari 2020
  Shaheen Saba Approaches and Strategies of Dastan translation: A Critical Study of Musharraf Ali Farooqi’s Translation of Dastan-e-Amir Hamza Prof M. Asaduddin 2020
  Samea Haleem A Critical Study of Caryl Churchill’s Select Plays Prof. Baran Farooqi 2019
  Shailendra Kumar Singh Conformity and Resistance in the Select Fictions of Premchand Prof. M. Asaduddin 2019
  Satadru Chatterjee License to Frame: Representation of the Political Other in James Bond Novels Prof. Simi Malhotra 2019
  Mohammad Al Zayed From ‘History to Myth’ and ‘Myth to History’: Re/Presenting ‘Resistance’ in Cross-Cultural Modes Prof. Anuradha Ghosh 2019
  Uttara Bisht Suicide of the Author: A Study of the Personal Writings of Virginia Woolf and Sylvia Plath Prof. Simi Malhotra 2019
  Shiv Kumar A Study of Self-Reflexivity in Select Dalit Writings Prof. Mukesh Ranjan 2019
  Shimi Moni Doley Chimera of the Self: African American Female Subjectivities and the Politics of Life Writing Dr. Ivy Imogene Hansdak (co-supervisor: Prof Anisur Rahman) 2019
  Devika Mehra A Study of Transitions and Emergent Trends in Children’s Cinema as a Genre in India Prof. Anuradha Ghosh 2019
  Shradha Kabra Whose “Real is it anyway”? A Study of Indian Reality Television Shows Prof. Simi Malhotra 2019
  Shabeena Kuttay Interrogating the Postcolonial Intellectual, Activist and Writer: A Critical Reading of Arundhati Roy’s Non-Fictional Works Prof. Ameena Kazi Ansari 2018
  Megha Jain Representation of Gender Bias: A Study of Three Indian English Women Playwrights Prof. Mukesh Ranjan 2018
  Sarfaraz Nawaz Shifting Identities in the fiction of Bharati Mukherjee Dr. Shuby Abidi 2018
  Jigyasa Hasija ‘Greening’ Films and Feminism: The Environment in Movies through Ecofeminism Prof. Baran Farooqi 2018
  Sadia Parveen Narratives of Resistance: A Study of Select Indian Muslim Women Writers of the Twentieth Century Prof. Nishat Zaidi 2018
  Kajal Tehri Patriarchal and Nationalistic Rhetoric: Representation of Partition in Select South Asian Writers Dr. Asmat Jahan 2018
  Asiya Zahoor Revisiting Representations: A Study of Select Writings by Kashmir Displaced Writers Prof Mukesh Ranjan 2018
  Bharti Arora Writing Gender, Writing Nation: A Critical Study of Select Women's Fiction in Post-independence India Prof. Nishat Zaidi 2017
  Sina Tavassoli Space as a Motif for Power and Identity in Selected Plays of Harold Pinter Prof. Baran Farooqi 2017
  Sanjib Kumar Baishya Theatre and the Popular: A Study of the Bhramyamaan Theatre in Assam Prof M Asaduddin/ Prof. Simi Malhotra 2017
  Rajesh Kumar History, Memory and Myth: A Study of Diasporic Constructions in the Poetry of A.K. Ramanujan Dr. Shuby Abidi / Prof. Anisur Rahman 2017
  Debosmita Paul The First Partition of Bengal and the Problematic of Indian Nationalism: A Study of Select Bangla Writings (1905-1916) Prof. Nishat Zaidi 2016
  Saman Ashfaq Communalism and Literature in Post-Independence India: A Study of Select Indian Novels in English Prof. Ameena Kazi Ansari 2016
  Saroj Kumar Mahananda Works of Basudev Sunani: Oriya Dalit Historiography Prof. M. Asaduddin 2016
  Darshan Lal Assertion of Dalit Identity in Dalit Fiction Prof. Mukesh Ranjan 2016
  Deepti Zutshi Between Violence and Silence: A Study of Performance Aesthetics in Manipur Prof. Anuradha Ghosh 2015
  Gitanjali Chawla From Roots to Routes: A Critical Study of Select Folk Songs of Punjab Prof. Simi Malhotra 2015
  Kusha Sharma A Study of Nadine Gordimer’s Post-Apartheid Writings Prof. Baran Farooqi 2015
  Sapna Dudeja Taluja After Postmodernism: Ethics, Virtuality and Politics Prof. Simi Malhotra 2015
  Shatarupa Sinha Indian English Literature: A Critical Inquiry into Reading Strategies and Pedagogy Prof. Anisur Rahman 2015
  Ved Parkash Dialectic Life and Art in the Works of Sylvia Plath Prof.Mukesh Ranjan 2015
  Nirmalya Samanta Folklore as Visual Imaging: A Study of Legends of Childhoods of Krishna, Ganesh and Hanuman in Contemporary India (2000-2010) Prof.Anuradha Ghosh 2014
  Sunil Kumar Aesthetics, Technology and the Self: Tracing the Theoretical Shift from the Frankfurt School to Postmodernism Prof. Simi Malhotra 2014
  Urvashi Sabu Pakistani Women Poets: Literary Representation and the Dynamics of Religion, Politics, and Society Prof. Anisur Rahman 2014
  Panchali Mukherjee Constructions of History: A Study of the Novels of A.S.P. Ayyar, Manohar Malgonkar and Bhagwan S. Gidwani Prof. Shyamala A. Narayan 2012
  Asmat Jahan Reconstructing the Renaissance: A Critical Study of Robert Browning’s Dramatic Monologues Prof.Mukesh Ranjan 2012
  Kinshuk Majumdar Subject to Rule: The Individual and the State in Amitav Ghosh’s Writings Prof. Shyamala A. Narayan 2012
  Jayanti Seth Autobiography in the Age of Democratic Revolution: A Study with Special Reference to Benjamin Franklin and Jean Jacques Rousseau. ProfAmeena Kazi Ansari 2011
  Ahmer Nadeem Anwer The Menace of Madness: Rationalisation, Franken-science, and the Eighteenth-Century Metaphoricity of Unreason Prof S N. H. Jafri 2011
  Bhagwant Kour Women in Modern British Drama: A Study of Selected Plays of John Osborne, Arnold Wesker, Doris Lessing and Caryl Churchill Prof. S.N.H. Jafri 2008
  Tasneem Shahnaaz A Critical Study of Adrienne Rich Prof. Anisur Rahman 2005
  Payal Khanna Shifting Paradigms in Culture: A Study of Three Plays by JeanGenet: The Maids, The Balcony, The Blacks Prof Shymala Narayan 2005
  Ayesha Irfan Quest for Black Identity and Self Definition in the Novels of Toni Morrison Prof M. Asaduddin 2005
  Yahya Saleh Hasan Dahami Revival of Poetic Drama: T. S. Eliot’s Contribution to the Genre Prof. Anisur Rahman 2004
  Baran Rehman Early Nineteenth Century Shakespeare Criticism and its Influence on Later Approaches. Prof. S. N. H. Jafri 2002
  Jayita Sengupta Issue of History and Gender in the Novels of Toni Morrison, Michele Roberts and Anita Desai Prof. M. Asaduddin 2002
  Ameena Qazi Ansari Canadian Literary Canon: Emergence and Development Prof. Anisur Rahman 2002