Ongoing Research

S.No. Research Scholar Supervisor Course Title Year of Joining
. Sadia Khan Dr. Asmat Jahan Ph.D. Contextualising 1971 vis-à-vis Memory, Trauma and Identity Politics: A Study of Select South Asian Writers 2023
. Swagata Chakraborty Prof. Nishat Zaidi Ph.D. Distressed Natures: A Study of the Ecocritical Significance of Select Grief Memoirs by Women 2023
. Fakrul Molla Dr. Shubhy Abidi Ph.D. Necropower over Women, Their Resistance and Resurrection: A Study of Select Fiction 2023
. Ritika Dr. Shubhy Abidi Ph.D. Trauma in the Contemporary Non-Fiction Rape Narratives in the Indian Subcontinent 2023
Poulomi Chandra Prof. Nishat Haider Ph.D. Exploring Female Subjectivities, Trauma and the Uncanny in Select Works of Elena Ferrante and Sangeeta Bandopadhyay 2023
. Ananya Bora Dr. A.C. Kharingpam Ph.D. Toxic Care: Acts and Practices of Caregiving in Contemporary Fiction 2023
. Kritika Mathpal Prof. Mukesh Ranjan Ph.D. Children and Transgenerational Trauma: A Critical Analysis 2023
. Sameyah Roomi Dr. Ivy Imogene Hansdak Ph.D. Uncovering the Layers: Models of Trauma and the Art of Unreliable Narration, Analysis of Selected Fiction in English through the lens of trauma models 2023
. Bariya Siraj Dr. Shuby Abidi Ph.D. Illness Narratives: Examining the Stories of Women Living with Chronic illness 2023
  Vaishali Bidhuri Prof. Saroj K. Mahananda Ph.D. Digitalisation of Raginis and Saangs and their relationship with their contributors 2023
  Bariya Hamid Dr. Asmat Jahan Ph.D. Silence, Erasure and Resilience in the Literary Imagination of Kashmiri Muslim Women 2023
  Pakhi Jain Prof Simi Malhotra Ph.D. Tentative title- Study of the Literary History of Various Indian Childhoods in the British Empire for the Period of 1900-1947. 2021
  Mamta Sharma Dr. AC Kharingpam Ph.D. Retelling of "Rajula Malushahi": A Study of the Literary Adaptations of Kumaoni Folk Ballad 2021
  Savita Kiran Dr. Ivy Imogene Hansdak Ph.D. Sanjay as a narrator in Mahabharata: Time, Space and Significance 2021
  Tarika NA Dr. Asmat Jahan Ph.D. Cultural Capital and Its Contestations in Select Indian English Poetry Anthologies Between 1990-2020 2021
  Zainab Abrar Prof Nishat Zaidi Ph.D. The making of Muslim Identity in select contemporary detective fiction: Explorations in politics of the popular 2021
  Reshma Gupta Prof Anuradha Ghosh Ph.D. A Study of the Travels of Italian Neorealism and the French New Wave in the Cinematic Practices of India and Iran 2021
  Somya Charan Pahadi Prof Nishat Haider Ph.D. Traumatized Childhoods in Contemporary Indian Literature (1990s-the Present): A Study of Select Works 2020
  Farhana Tasnim Prof Nishat Haider Ph.D. Understanding Hüzün as Melancholia in Select Works of Orhan Pamuk 2020
  Arisha Habib Prof Mukesh Ranjan Ph.D. Ambivalence, Anxiety, and Agency: A Study of the Surveillance, Subject(s) in Select Novels 2020
  Sudipta Agarwal Dr Saba Mahmood Bashir Ph.D. Life in Verses: Exploring the idea of womanhood through Rekhti 2020
  Sheikh Sana Assad Prof Nishat Haider Ph.D. Transgenerational Trauma and Memories: A Study of Select Texts from Kashmir after 1989 2020
  Asmita Pandey Dr Shuby Abidi Ph.D. Participation, Transculturality and Consumption in Fandoms: A Study of the Korean Wave (Hallyu) 2020
  Monib Ahmad Prof Anuradha Ghosh Ph.D. Writing Lives/ Writing Nations: Tracing The Forgotten Legacy of The Indian National Army 2020
  Arghya Dey Prof Anuradha Ghosh, Co-Supervisor: Prof M. Asadduddin Ph.D. The All-Seeing Eye: Narratives of Surveillance in Select Post 1980 Hollywood Dystopian Cinema 2020
  Pooja Prasain Prof Mukesh Ranjan Ph.D. Migratory Grief And Alienation in the Selected Nepali Diasporic Writings 2020
  Saima Malik Dr A.C. Kharingpam Ph.D. Representation of Gender: Locating Silences, Subjugation, and Subversion in the Folklore of Kashmir 2020
  Mohd Aqib Dr Saba Mahmood Bashir, Co-Supervisor: Prof M. Assaduddin Ph.D. Aesthetics of Bilingualism in English Self Translations of Three Post-Partition Urdu Novels 2020
  Hishma Binti Nazir Prof Nishat Haider, Co-Mentor: Prof M. Assaduddin Ph.D. Negotiating the Personal and the Political: Agency, Visibility and Resistance for Women in Kashmir 2020
  Sk. Raqeeb Raza Dr Asmat Jahan Ph.D. Queer Identity and Parenting: Modes of Representation in Hindi Cinema 2020
  Noorussabah Prof Nishat Haider Ph.D. Posthuman Ecology and Affect: A Study of Select Weird Fiction 2020
  Alka Lakhera Prof Nishat Zaidi Ph.D. Brave New World: Re -imagining Dystopias in South Asia 2020
  Tasadduq Tanveer Prof Nishat Haider Ph.D. Exploring the Representation of Male Impotence in Select Indian Texts 2020
  Azhar Uddin Sahaji Prof Anuradha Ghosh, Co-Supervisor: Prof M. Asadduddin Ph.D. Tagore's Translation and Reception in Hindi: A Study of Select Novels 2020
  Tapti Roy Dr Saba Mahmood Bashir Ph.D. Gender Subtexts of Colonial Medicine in the Select Works of Banaphool 2020
  Aparna Pathak Prof Simi Malhotra Ph.D. Ludic Narratives of the Post-Anthropocene Era: A Study of Survival Video Games 2020
  Md Fazal Mahmud Shah Dr Shimi Moni Doley Ph.D. Re-thinking Kazi Nazrul Islam: A Cosmopolitan Interpretation/Reading of his Poetic Works 2020
  Aasif Amin Dr Saba Mahmood Bashir Ph.D. On (Re)presenting children of conflict: A study of select texts of Kashmir (2000-2021) 2020
  Sheikh Mohammed Shafiulla Prof Nishat Haider Ph.D. Reconfiguring Fakir Mohan Senapati’s Conceptualisation of Odia Identity: A Study of Select Works 2020
  Kanupriya Prof Anuradha Ghosh Ph.D. Representation of Body, Desire and Sexuality of Women with Physical Disabilities in Hindi Cinema Post 2000 2020
  Shaghayegh Moghari Prof Nishat Haider Ph.D. Race, Gender and Desire in Select Works of Zadie Smith 2020
  Elyas Matanyous Ebrahim Dr Shimi Moni Doley Ph.D. Existential Themes in the Selected Novels of Toni Morrison 2020
  Aditi Das Khan Dr Asmat Jahan M.Phil./Ph.D. Exploring Multispecies Relationships in Select Indian Texts 2019
  Tanushri Banerjee Dr Shuby Abidi Ph.D. Identity and Trauma: The Study of Select Narratives of South Asian Diaspora Cinema 2019
  Numana Ibrahim Bhat ProfAnuradha Ghosh M.Phil./Ph.D. Eco-localism, Planetarism and the Green Imagination: A Study of Select New Nature Writings in Britain Post 2000 2019
  Indrajit Prof Ameena Kazi Ansari M.Phil./Ph.D. Configurations of Exile in Select Novels of Milan Kundera 2019
  Kanu Priya Dr. Ivy Imogene Hansdak M.Phil./Ph.D. Children’s Literature in English and Nation-Building in Post-Colonial India 2019
  Steven S George Prof Nishat Zaidi Ph.D. Identity and Alienation: A Double Paradox in Literature of Dalit Christians in Kerala 2019
  Jubi C John Prof Nishat Zaidi M.Phil./Ph.D. Exploring Corporeal Subjectivity in Island Women's Narratives 2019
  Sabrina Mehraj Dr Saroj Kumar Mahananda M.Phil./Ph.D. Memory, Body Politics and Identity: A Study of Select Dalit Women's Life Writings 2019
  Gulbahar Shah Prof Asaduddin M.Phil./Ph.D. Problematizing Representation of Trauma: A Comparative Analysis of Graphic Narratives by Joe Sacco and Art Spiegelman 2019
  Sakshi Dogra Prof Simi Malhotra Ph.D. Food, Feelings and Flavours: A Study of Contemporary Indian Writing in English on Food 2018
  Grace Mariam Raju Prof Nishat Zaidi Ph.D. Subaltern Cosmopolitanism in Kochi: Re-Examining the City as Decolonial Space 2018
  Moumita Roy ProfAnuradha Ghosh M.Phil./ Ph.D. A Study of Thematic Trends in Post-Partition Bengali and Assamese Literary Writings in English 2019
  Usama Zakir Prof Mukesh Ranjan M.Phil./ Ph.D. Metamodernism after Postmodernism: Tracing a New Logic of Cultural Production in the Middle East 2019
  Ruchi Nagpal Prof Ameena Kazi Ansari M.Phil./Ph.D. Theorizing Flash Fiction: A Study of Postmodern Perspective(s) 2019
  Zahra Rizvi Prof Simi Malhotra Ph.D. Gamers in the ‘Bad Place’: A Study of Select Young Adult Dystopian Fiction 2018
  Meenakshi Yadav Dr Saroj K Mahananda Ph.D. Hindi Print Media: A Study of Caste Specific Journals in 1880-1920 2019
  Sehnaz Hazarika Dr Shimi Moni Doley Ph.D. Deconstructing War Narratives and Conflicts in North-East India: A Study of the Repercussions of Wars in the Selected Novels 2019
  Nabanita Deka Dr Shimi Moni Doley M.Phil./ Ph.D. Location and Positionality of Indian Women: A Study through Select Dystopian Texts 2019
  Rania Saber Ahmed Abel Rahim Dr Saroj Mahananda Ph.D. Reconstructing Native Womanhood through Confession in the Poetry of Kamala Das and Joy Harjo 2019
  Suraiya Shahin Dr Shimi Moni Doley Ph.D. Women's Subversive Identities and Subjectivities In Nigerian Society: A Study of the Select Works of Ifeoma Okoye and Flora Nwapa 2019
  Vasundhara Gautam Dr IvyImogene Hansdak Ph.D. Marginalization, Identity and Representation: A Study of Haryanvi Women Folksongs 2018
  Khairun Tamanna ProfAnuradha Ghosh Ph.D. Translating Life/Translating Time: Engaging with Sufia Kamal’s Ekattarer Diary 2018
  Syed Sumaira Gilani Prof Mukesh Ranjan Ph.D. Defying the Margins: A Comparative Study of the Fictional Worlds of Buchi Emecheta and Chamamanda Ngozi Adichie 2018
  Suab Ahmed Dr Asmat Jahan Ph.D. Interrogating Identity, History and Culture: An Analysis of Select Contemporary Texts of South Asian Diaspora in England 2017
  Kashish Dua Prof Nishat Zaidi Ph.D. Queering Citizenship: A Critical Study of Select Texts in Post-Independence India 2017
  Shraddha Adityavir Singh Prof Simi Malhotra Ph.D. Posthumanism and the Anthropocene in Margaret Atwood's Select Speculative Fiction 2017
  Balram Panda Dr Saroj K. Mahananda Ph.D. Revisiting Cultural Consciousness through Koshali Folklores: A Study of Select Works of Haladhar Nag 2017
  Aditi Sharma Prof Mukesh Ranjan Ph.D. Mapping Urbanisation of Delhi: An Analysis of Selected Works of Fiction and Non-Fiction 2017
  Bhawna Shrey Prof Anuradha Ghosh Ph.D. Interrogating Feminism/s: A Study of the 'Politics of Exchange' in Hollywood Productions Post '90s 2017
  Saneya Prof Simi Malhotra Ph.D. Begumati Zubaan: Voice of a Subculture 2017
  Suman Bhagchandani Prof Simi Malhotra Ph.D. Bodies in Motion: Performer, Performance and Performativity in Kathak 2017
  Elaheh Ghasempour Prof Mukesh Ranjan Ph.D. Representations of Imperialism in Select Works of Simin Daneshvar, Jalal Al-e Ahmad and Mahmoud Dowlat Abadi 2017
  Ann Susan Aleyas Prof Simi Malhotra PhD Conversing History: A Study of Select Folk Traditions of Southist Christians 2017
  Abhishek Pundir Prof Mukesh Ranjan Ph.D. Interrogating the idea of Modernity in works of Agyeya and Muktibodh 2016
  Kalyanee Rajan Prof M. Asaduddin Ph.D. Discourses of Womanhood: A Comparative study of select works of Ismat Chughtai and Ambai 2016
  Ishita Dr Saroj K. Mahananda Ph.D. Identity and Desire in Select Plays of Mohan Rakesh 2016
  Sarah Mariam Prof M. Asaduddin Ph.D. A Study of Habib Tanvir as Translator 2016
  Roomy F. Naqvy Prof Mukesh Ranjan Ph.D. Imaging Self, Community and Nation: A Study of Parsi Writing of the 20th Century 2016
  Mansi Grover Dr Ivy Hansdak Ph.D. Representation of Disability in Women in Hindi Cinema since the 1970s 2015
  Jahanshah Safari (foreign student) Prof M. Asaduddin Ph.D. A Comparative Study of the ‘subaltern’ in Selected Films Directed by Bahman Ghobadi and Selected Novels of Khaled Hosseini 2013